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Carl Ménard of Competitive Edge with Tampa Bay Lightning Dan Boyle and the Stanley Cup
Carl Ménard of Competitive Edge
with Tampa Bay Lightning
Dan Boyle & the Stanley Cup


We're very proud of the feedback we've received from the parents and coaches of the sons and daughters who've attended some of our power skating, stick handling, hockey clinics and camps.

”Consult our Facebook page for additional testimonials "Competitive Edge Hockey School"”
”Thanks alot Carl ! You played a huge part in me getting here and I appreaciate it !!.”
Liam Murray, Windsor Spitfires.
”I highly recommend Carl as an elite power skating instructor. Carl’s attention to detail and his commitment to doing things right help set him apart from other power skating instructors. I really like how he focuses on proper stride mechanics, his focus on edges and how he holds each player/pupil accountable and challenges them to excel through a variety of difficult drills and exercises. Proper conditioning is a key to good skating technique and Carl’s unique approach each session will help make you a better skater but also leave you exhausted. If you are serious about getting better, you will definitely improve your skating technique after a number of progressive sessions with Carl.”
Regards, Scott Bolton, Head Coach Ottawa Valley Titans Major Peewee AAA 2012-13.
”Carl, I just want to say that I found your power skating clinic very beneficial to our team. Our boys looked forward to you putting them through the paces and they really seemed to genuinely enjoy the sessions. I've never seen the boys work as hard as they did with you. Great job! Thanks again.”
Steve Bisson, Head Coach, Minor Bantam AAA Ottawa Valley Titans 2012-13.
”We were extremelly pleased with the professional quality of the instruction that Competitive Edge provided. Carl successfully explained, properly demonstrated and improved the player's body position, stride, edges, balances and agility through quality repetitions. A wide variety of drills challenged the kids to improve while still keeping the skating fun. Carl always requires our players to focus and challenge themselves even when they are outside their comfort zone. Importantly for us, the level of instruction was consistently high as Carl ran each of the sessions. The response from parents, coaches and players alike was overwhelmingly positive.”
Tom Boucher, VP Hockey Operations, Gloucester Center Minor Hockey Association 2011-12
“Cameron loved your camp as usual. As hard and physically demanding, you and your staff make the difference. Players want to improve their own skill and master it the same as the instructors demonstrating the drills. Thanks, you and your staff did an amazing job. Like Cam says you have the best camp a hockey player can ask for. We'll make sure he does some night sessions in order for him keep his edge. Cam really admires you and you've always been a good influence on him.”
Thank you, Brigitte, Marc and Cam Gallant 2011
“My son, Marc-Olivier, has taken in all 4 hockey camps in the last year (this was his first year playing hockey) and by far, Competitive Edge was his favourite. The ice-time, coaching staff, hockey drills and attention to detail were all contributing factors to his enjoyment during his week-long camp. He looks forward to his hockey season and knows that with Competitive Edge's training, he will be a better hockey player. Thanks so much for a demanding yet satisfying experience.”
Marie-France & Patrick 2011
“2 years ago, our son had an ACL torn and needed surgery. The training that you provided challenged his knee in a way that normal training could have not succeed. In the end, Miguel noted a considerable improvement in the overall strength of his leg.”

“Salut Carl. Merci beaucoup ! Votre Competitive Edge à chaque mardi m'a beaucoup aidé à m'améliorer cette année. C'étais excellent comme programme et j'ai vraiment eu du fun surtout en travaillant fort. Au plaisir de vous revoir, Merci encore.”

“Carl, you provided the boys with high quality training sessions that benefitted all of them and we are very grateful for your hard work and well organized sessions.”

“I would like to express our thanks to you for working with the Wild 94 group of players this year. Our son has definitely benefited from your program... in fact, I believe that the program benefited all the players. The boys came willing to work hard and you pushed them every week which was great to see and it motivated the boys to keep going to the next level or to find it in themselves to push a little harder even if they were tired, etc. One of the things that my son really enjoyed was knowing that every week there would be different drills which is not an easy accomplishment on your part but it made the sessions fun and challenging and never the same which is where you can lose the interest of the players when it is the same thing every week. We have recommended your program to friends who have asked what we thought and we would welcome the opportunity to have you work with our son again in the future.”

Players and parents of the '94 Eastern Ontario Wild AAA

“I have been in and around professional hockey for over 25 years as a strength and conditioning coach I've had the opportunity of working with and watching some great coaches work with elite players. For the past several years at least once a week I have watched Carl teach hockey skills to players of all levels of minor hockey and I can honestly say he is without a doubt one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of watching work his magic! His drills are unique and upbeat but more importantly are the results he is getting from his players. I've witnessed a remarkable improvement in his students. Although I don't know Carl personally I did approach him to tell him I would recommend him to all my players and that I would write this testimonial for him. Good Health.” Mark Slater 2009
“Hi Carl, great camp!!! (week long camp-2010) As a hockey dad and coach, I really enjoyed your power skating and stick handling hours the best. I think these sessions are some of the best in the city and I have seen a lot. Greg enjoys being challenged and also the different props used. See you next year, John and Greg Meireles”
“Thanks again Carl it was a great camp. Over the past four years I went to your camp, it really helped me with my on going skill development and each year getting me prepared for the season and showing me all kinds of drills and stretches that I can do by myself to make me better and you are a big part of that.”
Thanks, Sam Meisenheimer 2011
“Carl, Your passion for the game of hockey is truly highlighted by the way you run your camp. The demand for proper technique, endurance, and respect is to be commended. Just wanted to thank-you for the past 2 weeks that Melissa attended camp. As promised your camp was physically challenging and Mel loved it. It's hard to believe Mel has been going to you on and off for almost 3 years. She started off as a 1st year atom on the B team and after attending your power skating classes for the season she made the atom A team. Last summer she attended your camp before tryouts and made the Peewee AA team as a minor. We contribute a big part of Mel's success to Competitive Edge. Your weekly classes and camps are exactly what you promise them to be, you took Melissa out of her comfort zone and challenged her and we want to thank-you for that. There are many camps in the west end where we lived but none compare to yours, you truly care about individual development and it shows. If Mel's schedule permits we will see you for some evening classes. Thank you Carl
Mark, Claudette and of course Mel 2012.”
“Ben has always enjoyed his sessions with Competitive Edge. You had a number of very unique drills that Ben really thinks helped him with his stick handling and offensive moves. All the best.”
Tim and Ben Robillard 2009
“My son Andrei said he likes going to Competitive Edge camps and particularly likes the fact that you and/or other counsellors stop the drill or the player if it is being done wrong and work to correct it. He says most camps just let kids continue to do drill - even if they are doing it wrong.” Mike Trickey 2011
“L’amour du hockey, c’est l’affaire de Ryan Lagacé. Ryan Lagacé, joueur de l'Intrépide de Gatineau Midget AAA dit qu’il ne pourrait se permettre d’omettre de remercier des gens qui l’ont beaucoup supporté depuis qu’il s’est découvert une passion pour ce sport de glace, soit son père, Pierre Lagacé, ainsi que les entraîneurs Mario Richer, Carl Ménard et Luc Payant. ”
Extrait de l'Info 07-Outaouais, 23 octobre 2007
“Just a quick note to let you know what I thought of your 2007 summer camp. To complete my observations I consulted with one of the participants (my son Nicholas). Nicholas had been to one camp earlier this summer and although I felt that camp was helpful I believe that the week spent with Competitive Edge gave him that extra degree of conditioning needed to move to the next level. Nicholas tells me that your program of conditioning on ice and off provided him with increased stamina and strength. What he remembers most was thinking he was in shape before entering camp. But your rigourous program proved to him that there is always room for improvement. The muscles in his legs have never "burned" as much as they did after the first day of camp. By the end of the week I could see that Nicholas had improved in his conditioning and level of play. He is currently playing at the AA level for the first time and I believe your camp was a major reason for his success. I hope your camps and clinics continue to assist and inspire young hockey players like Nicholas. Many thanks. ”
Franco Giamberardino
“We were all very pleased with the conditioning camp and the evaluations that you ran for our Association. I received many comments from parents about how smoothly and professionally things were run. I also had some very positive feedback from the evaluators from different sessions. They found the way the drills were run made it very easy for them to get a look at each player and they said that the intensity seemed just right to be able to assess different levels of abilities. You can't get much better than that - particularly since you had the added challenge of dealing with very different skill levels in the various sessions. We achieved exactly what we were hoping for and we thank you very much for the great job you did in running the on ice sessions. ”
Georganne Drews-VP of Operations, SEMHA 2009
“My daughter, Carolyn, recently attended one of your Comp Edge training camp at Ray Friel and of the 5 sports camps she attended this summer she thought yours was the best. As hard as the off ice training was I was pleasantly surprised that a 10 year old girl would pick your camp as the most she enjoyed. A job well done on the ice with the skills you taught. Thanks a bunch. ”
Dan Williams 2010
“I would not hesitate sending my hockey players to you again. I appreciated the fact that no participant was allowed to do a drill the wrong way; you corrected them over and over again until they got it right. I also liked the way you challenged them and had drills that were good steps in becoming good skaters.”
Rose Blake 2011

Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm


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Wall of Fame :
Isabel and Talia Ménard '09 OFSAA and '09 PWHL Gold.
David Pacan, OHL Niagara IceDogs, NHL Draft '09 Chicago BlackHawks.

ESP Louis Riel, 2009 OFSAA Girls Hockey Champs, coached by Carl Ménard. First OFSAA team Gold medal in school history.

Player development with the 2007 OWHA Provincial Bronze Medal Winner Nepean Wildcats Midget AA.

Competitive Edge was featured on A Channel with sports anchor Ken Evraire, 17 August 2007 and A Channel Morning, 5 January 2007 as part of Minor Hockey Day.

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